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Pilot's Corner

It's not so hard to find aviation related sites, there must be hundreds of them.
This is however a personal selection of rather unknow, interesting, useful, and nice stuff.

Explore and Enjoy!

  1. Michel Pont is a French vintager located in the Bourgogne with a very particular hobby: he collects fighter jets!
    About 80 fighters are exposed in the parks of his castle.
    More here, also here.

  1. Oilpaint and watercolours are Jaak De Koninck's (Belgian Artist, alias Jack Learoy) instruments of choice to portray his world of airplanes, air hostesses and of nearly everything to do with flying. All of this is captured under the name of his own imaginary airline: 'Starbrook Airlines'.  Visit the Gallery.

  1. See How It Flies.
    A complete on-line book about the principles of flight.
    By John S. Denker.
    A must for every pilot and aviation student.

  1. Follow all planes life on the world map,
    even has cockpit view.
    Great application!

  1. Already five days since the pilot is stuck on the rock where he crashed. Will he survive?
    This animated short movie, by David Forrest, a Canadian student computeranimation, took more than 11 months to produce.
    A masterpiece! Let's watch.

  1. During the flight, the aircraft with passengers on board falls in the earthquake zone, and only because of the courage and sacrifice of the pilots can safely complete the flight.
    A complete Russian airplane disaster cinema film! 
    Watch complete film (for free).

  1. The Ekranoplan, a typical Russian development.
    A flying boat with the speed of a aeroplane and the payload of a boat.
    Impressive! See for yourself. (film)
    And at some close-ups (dossier)

  1. Rolling over a Boeing?
    Why not? That's what the test pilot tought when presenting the B707 to the press.
    Sit back and watch!

  1. Bob Hoover rolls a plane and poors tea into a cup at the same time.
    Bob is not a stunt man, just a good and modest pilot.
    Let's watch.

  1.  More fun stuff on our Facebook

  1. The creativity of men has no limits.
    Let's have a look at some unusual flying machines.

  1. Franklins Flying Circus: plane and pilot at their best. Never seen before!
    Don't do this at home!
    Take off!

  1. Sky Dance: explore our beatiful world from above in High Definition, together with Pilatus.
    Who would not like to be in the cockpit?
    See more.

  1. Who will win this race, the Mercedes SLR or .... the Marchetti?
    Fasten your seat belts and find out!