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Flight Preparation and In-Flight Navigation
made more simple


Blind Spot's Original Pilot's Ruler *

The Smart Ruler for VFR Pilots
Innovative Concept
Simple in Use
Fast Results

Designed to offer VFR pilots maximum support during flight and flight planning

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'There are pilot rulers and there is The Pilot's Ruler', Pilot Magazine UK

* Award winning concept

pilot ruler
Pilot's Ruler


John Travolta, Actor & Pilot USA Yes, himself! (click)
Pilot Magazine UK | Pilots & Planes Magazine AOPA
Aviation & Pilote France | Avianet Belgium
Piloot en Vliegtuig The Netherlands | Volez! France
AERO Friedrichshafen Germany
and the more than 2000 pilots using the ruler
* Rewarded for Innovation at the World Exhibition for Inventions, Research and New Technologies

Flying is a fascinating yet sometimes complex activity. Often a pilot must carry out many tasks at once. Several years of flying experience have enabled me to create a tool to simplify typical cockpit tasks. In order to make this tool available to all pilots, the distribution platform named 'Blind Spot Aviation' was founded.
Frank Verbruggen

Enjoy flying
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Designed and Made in Belgium


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