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Blind Spot's Original Pilot's Ruler *

The Smart Ruler for VFR Pilots
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Designed to offer VFR pilots maximum support during flight and flight planning

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'There are pilot rulers and there is The Pilot's Ruler', Pilot Magazine UK

* Award winning concept

When a pilot wants to fly overland he needs to prepare his flight before taking off. 
            He must determine the Track that will lead him to the destination and also the Heading that he should fly. Last is influenced by the en-route wind that he will encounter. This wind will also determine his Ground Speed, which will differ from the Air Speed.

            Another calculation is the Flying Time to the Destination. This is the result of the Distance to Destination divided by the Ground Speed. Flying time, also Expected En Route Time (EET) is needed for navigational purpose and for Fuel Calculation.

            Pilots use in general Sectional Charts and Terminal Area Charts for navigation. The the GPS is in addition commonly used for VFR Flights.

            To minimalism the risk of collisions with other aircrafts/airplanes a system of Flight Levels, also Cruising Levels is used. These levels are set by rules and are in relation to flying direction.

            For positive identification on the air controller's radar (ATC) VFR flights use a dedicated Transponder Code. Also special events such as Radio Failure, Distress Situations, and Hijack are reported by a special Transponder Code.

            When there is no radio contact possible with the Control Tower, the Traffic Controller can still instruct the pilot, by means of ATC Light Signals.

            Finally, when landing, the Pilot must know the Cross Wind Component at the Airfield, or Airport of destination. This is mostly calculated by an Air Computer of Flight Computer

            Previous calculations are mostly done with different instruments: Flight Computers (Aviat, CRP, ASA, E6) Plotters (Pooleys, ASA, CP) Protractors (PP, Pooleys), Rulers, Scale Rulers (CPM, HBM), known as Pilot Tools, Pilot Supplies or Navigation Equipment......... 

            Pilot Tools, Pilot Supplies, Flight Equipment or Navigation Equipment and GPS (Garmin, Dynon) are sold in Pilot Shops worldwide.

            Well known Pilot Shops in Europe are:
            www.aviationshop.be (BE)
            www.pilotshop.nl (NL)
            www.aeroshoppy.com (FR)
            www.skywaysdirect.com (UK)
            www.transair.co.uk (UK)
            www.pooleys.com (UK)
            www.flightstore.co.uk (UK)
            https://friebe.aero (D)
            www.aeroshop.eu (D)
            www.skyfox.com (D)
            www.pilotshop.ro (RO)

            Well known Pilot Shops in the USA are:
Pilot's Ruler


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Pilot Magazine UK | Pilots & Planes Magazine AOPA
Aviation & Pilote France | Avianet Belgium
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* Rewarded for Innovation at the World Exhibition for Inventions, Research and New Technologies

Flying is a fascinating yet sometimes complex activity. Often a pilot must carry out many tasks at once. Several years of flying experience have enabled me to create a tool to simplify typical cockpit tasks. In order to make this tool available to all pilots, the distribution platform named 'Blind Spot Aviation' was founded.
Frank Verbruggen

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