Navigation has never been that simple!

Navigation Forms


Main objective when developing this form was to simplify the flight preparation.
The form contains all necessary information fields - no more no less - to prepare and perform a VFR flight using all available navigation instruments (VOR/DME, NDB, GPS) for determination of position.

Most forms circulating are good yet filled with so many columns & fields that filling in the available space almost requires a graphical pen, or can be rather difficult in the bumpy atmosphere sometimes up there.
They are initially designed for the student pilot that has to learn to navigate with only visual references, without the use of any electronical navigation aid.
This form is not suitable for this kind (house-to-tree-to-cow) of navigation.
It is meant for the more experienced VFR pilot.

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Main design advantages of the form:
- open writing spaces,
- one-side printing,
- knee board format,
- all in-flight information on one page: no need to flip the form during flight, unless in case of bad luck.

Printing: if you have your printer settings right the fold line on the form should end up in the middle of the paper. You might have to try some different settings.

Feel free to tell us any improvement suggestion or comment, or if you want to be notified about future reviews.


The form contains 4 zones:  
On the first page (left side) 1. information concerning the aerodrome of departure.
  2. the navigation/en route part itself.
  3. information concerning the aerodrome of destination.
On the second page (right side) 4. information concerning the alternate aerodromes & the closing of the flight.