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Pilot's Corner

It's not so hard to find aviation related sites, there must be hundreds of them.
This is however a personal selection of rather unknow, interesting, useful, and nice stuff.

Explore and Enjoy!

  1. A very important question: do penguins fly?
    Let's investigate! (rather frustrating)

  1. Yankee Gal: fantastic animated film made by four French last-year-students from the Valencienne school for computer animation.
    Must see!

  1. Guess: who's actor, pilot, and owner of a B707? ......the very sympathetic John Travolta. And his own B707 is just parked before his house!
    Let's have a peep.

  1. James Bond (007) has always been synonym for exciting scenes with special vehicles. You should see the flying car from "The Man With The Golden Gun", and many other air vehicles used in the James Bond films.
    See it!

  1. Fascinating simulated film, based on radar plots, with real world air traffic during 24 hours. The yellow dots are, of course, airplanes. Remark the traffic coming alive during the day.
    See more!

  1. Murphy's Law: we all are convinced that it means that whenever something can go wrong, it will go wrong.
    Wrong! It means that whenever you're designing or building something, you should investigate in advance all that can go wrong, in order to prevent it from going wrong! The link between Murphy and aviation, you wonder? Murphy was a Air Force engineer during the fifties and that's where his law originated:
    Murphy's real law.

  1. "This is a man's world, but it wouldn't be nothing, nothing without a woman, or a girl" (James Brown).
    Indeed, what would aviation be without the glamorous stewardesses?
    Have a closer look!

  1. Morse code is used in aviation to positively identify radio beacons. Morse code is technically the simplest way to transmit messages. A flash light can already do the thing. (could be handy during exams ;-). For those who have the courage to learn the code this morse code simulator can come in very handy.
    Try it!

  1. Airplanes aren't always used for flying.
    See more.

  1. Laughing is told to be good for health. Good health is necessary to keep your pilot license. So, when it comes to humour try this.